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  • Caveat



    This is one of those horror movies that is all about a terrifying situation where a protagonist, in this movie's case Isaac (Jonathan French), will find himself trapped in a job that he knew was bad news from the start. Perhaps the money is too alluring, or the benefactor to the services rendered too shrewd with his words. This is situational horror, because in your mind you’re going to be thinking how there’s absolutely no way in hell you would…

  • New Gods: Nezha Reborn

    New Gods: Nezha Reborn


    I really enjoyed the first entry in this saga, Ne Zha, but this next chapter in the saga is a massive departure from the charm established with the first movie. I feel that the dramatic change in tone along with the different approach to the genre of the story is going to catch many people off guard in much the same way as it did me. This second movie is so different from what is established in the first film…

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  • Primal



    I watched the first half of this animated show last year, with the show coming to an abrupt ending during a cliffhanger. Fang is seemingly dead after a battle against ape-men, but Spear, ever the reliable companion, stays by her side in a state of mourning. Now the final half of the season has been released, although this second half of the story is referred to as season two of the primetime Emmy award winning show, specifically for Outstanding Individual…

  • Joker



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I recall when the news that Todd Phillips was planning on doing a solo Joker movie how I kind of just rolled my eyes. I am a fan of the character, but more so as a supporting player in a Batman related way.  The idea of delving in the moralistic muck of what makes Batman’s greatest antagonist tick wasn’t something I was overtly interested in seeing. The Dark Knight in my opinion more or less did the character justice, but one…