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  • Boyhood



    I watched this film yesterday for the second time and I feel something weird. It felt like I was watching a version of myself growing up but there was something more than that... Idk... The girls, the advisements of the father and the home dramas... all this felt common to me. I think I miss growing up and discovering myself and I can't stop thinking how it could have been so differently. I am very nostalgic. Today I'm 22, yesterday…

  • Martin Eden

    Martin Eden


    Intensive experience from begin to end. The soundtrack complements the character very good and I loved the cinematography.
    The main character has a strong personality which makes the story very interesting due to the fact that 99% of the film focus on him making this a character study.

  • It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven


    Behind my seat someone whispered to his friend: "This is fucking great!" - Now, that's accurate.

  • The White Diamond

    The White Diamond


    I loved the approach of this story. There's so much freedom here. The way it's filmed, the questions, the voice-over...