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I watch way too many movies and have way too little time😁

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  • Zodiac



    Even better on the second watch, so many details I completely missed the first time around. I guess the length in my opinion kind of stops this from being the perfect film, I think it tends to get redundant at times, otherwise everything else is brilliant. Fincher is just such a fantastic director, can't wait for him to release another thriller, it's been too long!

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    I saw the original "Justice League" once when it came out in theatres, and ever since, I've kind of just blocked it from my memory. However, I do remember leaving the cinema perplexed at just how half-assed and underwhelming the film was. The action, the story, the character development, even the look of it was just so... meh. Thankfully, after 4 years, "the Snyder Cut" has given the "Justice League" the justice it deserved in the first place. I must…

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