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  • Time Lapse

    Time Lapse


    If you have not seen this film I highly recommend it!

    Time Lapse is a sci-fi thriller following three friends as they discover a camera that takes pictures of them 24 hours before the contents of the picture actually happens.

    This film is really damn good. The three leads all do a good job and help to make this film as tense as it is. The clever use of the camera and the music also help to create this really…

  • Detainment



    I saw this short film last night at the Chelmsford Film Festival. The film tackled the subject in a very matter of fact way. The dialogue is verbatim to the transcripts, giving it a real feel that is never sensationalised. The film is not violent, and it really helps as we can only imagine the violence rather than have to see it.

    The perfoamces were spectacular. Both of the child actors were phenomenal. They sold their roles so damn well…

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  • Super 8

    Super 8


    So, I don’t write reviews often, however this film is special to me for a few reasons that I want to talk about.

    It was the first horror film I properly watched. My dad borrowed the DVD for this, Cowboy’s and Aliens and Real Steel. All are paramount films, and Super 8 was last on our list, so I saw a trailer for it on both other films. I was terrified. By the time it came around, I was not…

  • Terrified



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Aterrados (Terrified) Review

    Rating: 9.4/10


    Direction - as detailed in other sections, the direction here in the stand out aspect of the film. Everything feels deliberate, making it an all the more effective horror film
    Creative - the scares are set up in a very effective way, and they are in amongst themselves, creative.
    Special effects, hair and make up - Walter looks distressed, tired, and like he’s done with his whole…