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This review may contain spoilers.

One of the many rewarding things I noticed on second viewing (please bear in mind I know next to nothing about music as you read this, and let me know of any other interesting ideas or details you may have about the film!):

The hopeful and almost jaunty ascending piano melody that plays over the opening scene (known on the soundtrack as simply "Opening") is replaced, in the final scene, by the same instrument. This time it's playing a slower tune, more understated perhaps, but unmistakably similar-sounding nonetheless (funnily enough, this piece is refered to on the soundtrack as "Ending").

The new theme initially starts out in a similar fashion to the one in the opening scene, briefly ascending in the same manner, before quickly transitioning into a new, now definitely descending, melody. And as it does so, it creates a sharp contrast with the defiant optimism in Ki-Woo's voice.

This choice, combined with the decision to have the camera pan down from the window to reveal his position as his voiceover says all this, may be a simple idea, but it uses the medium of film to its full advantage and manages to say so much more without words than could be said with them. And for my money, it's the final, stroke-of-genius cherry on top of this masterful cake. Yeah that's right, who says I can't mix metaphors as well as Bong mixes genres? (the answer is everyone, everyone says that.)

“...On the day we move in, Mum and I will be in the yard, because the sunshine is so nice there. All you'll need to do, is walk up the stairs. Take care until then...

So long.”

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