WandaVision ★★★★

Would it be hyperbolic to name this as one of the best things Marvel Studios has ever made?

The majority of the first seven episodes was some of the most fun and creative work they've ever put out, and felt unique to anything we've seen from them before. The change from the start of the series to the end is really quite drastic, and the inconsistency of genre will no doubt be a sticking point for some, but for the most part I think they pulled it off well. Even when it strayed further into traditional MCU fare than I would have liked (which it did, multiple times), it still managed to retain and build upon its grounding in a heart of genuine pathos centered around Wanda, carried by an especially excellent Olsen and helped along by great supporting work from Bettany.

It helps that this is also literally a TV sitcom taking place within another TV show that directly challenges the false worlds we construct for ourselves to inhabit, where we remain always unconditionally loved with our behaviour ever-unchallenged, by way of a sharply written through-the-ages deconstruction of the place where these false worlds are most obviously manifested, in the sitcom genre. Congratulations to Marvel for reaching a whole 'nother level of meta with that one, while simultaneously providing WandaVision with a highly substantial and thought-provoking thematic core that has been somewhat lacking in their recent filmic output.

It could have wrapped things up a little neater, and I still don't have massively high hopes for what's coming next (Falcon & Winter Soldier honestly looks pretty dry and rote at this point), but dang and blast it if they didn't get me with this one and make me far more intrigued to see what direction the next slate of Marvel projects will go in than I was before.

That poster is really freaking cool as well

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