Suspiria ★★★★½

I had waited over the course of possibly 2 years (I can’t remember the exact estimate) to watch this film, and after finishing it earlier tonight, it’s safe to say that I fucking loved it! 

It’s by far one of the most polarizing and disturbing “horror” films I’ve seen in recent memory. 
Luca transitioned over into a far more sinister world, and I’d love to see another effort from him similar to this. 

As tension builds and evil rises, I was constantly questioning what could happen next, even if I felt like certain moments were just recreated from the original. 
I was initially one of those people who wasn’t a fan of hearing there wasn’t going to be any colors, but after THAT climatic sequence, I was fine with it. 

The editing however becomes a bit tedious at times; the opening is when it’s at its worst. 
But I do appreciate the callbacks to 60s/70s horror that it values a lot. 
The practical effects and cinematography blend seamlessly with this dark setting, although the excessive CGI wasn’t nessecary. 

Besides that, Suspiria decides to hold nothing back, and slowly burns into your subconscious, never letting you go, and begs you to focus in. 

Give yourself to the dance. 

I am The Mother. 

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