Us ★★★★½

Every possible psychological threat the world has ever faced is nothing compared to this. 
Demented, chilling, and surprisingly funny, Us helps define and reinvent the modern horror film. 

Subtlety letting us know we’re our worst enemy, but also frighteningly saying the Redman and our own self-destruction of society is what can quickly wipe us out shows there’s more than what meets the eye here. 
Where Get Out lets you figure things out along the way, Us forces you to piece everything together at the end and leaves everything up to your interpretation. 

Lupita Nyong’o deserves another Oscar for this. 
The score also has some of the most chilling and creative pieces I’ve heard in a while. 

Jordan Peele is a new master who’s here to stay. 

Once…there was a girl……and the girl…had a shadow. 

Good Vibrations has now been simultaneously ruined and improved on.

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