Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★★

Nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. Kiarostami's film about the inherent lies that are presented in art is stunning, possibly best exemplified when Kiarostami shoots a medium-wide shot of a man seemingly bullying his wife into admitting she's wrong. The camera rests, watching them, playing our emotions and then re-contextualizes everything: the man is on the phone talking to someone and the couple is fine. Because of the way the film is structured, Certified Copy actually vaguely resembles Linklater's Before films, but Kiarostami's film is much more interested with the correlation between art and the human psyche. The film is a gorgeous allegory to the way we read and look at art, but also the way we treat relationships, and the way the director melds the two together to create the thematic through-line of the film is brilliant. This is a film I'll revisit over and over again, and I can't wait to own the Criterion.