Lady Bird ★★★★½

Lady Bird is without a doubt one of the best directorial debuts of all time. Greta Gerwig captures Sacramento perfectly and gives the audience a great story of a young woman growing up. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am very familiar with Sacramento, because my aunt lives there. This film did a great job of taking advantage of its surroundings and using California and the world in general to help tell a really funny yet emotional story. The acting in this film is perfect. Saoirse Ronan has so much skill and comes across so natural. She was outstanding. The rest of the cast was also great. Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Laurie Metcalf, and Tracy Letts were all perfect. The story was intriguing and told beautifully. The soundtrack and score added a lot of personality and style to the film. The film doesn’t slow down a bit and I honestly didn’t want it to end. I was invested in the characters and loved watching them progress. I laughed my ass off a number of times and really did fall in love with the characters and the story. I loved Lady Bird so much and really really really really want to watch it again.

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