It's a Sin ★★★★★

“There’s Richie, who’s gay. Absolutely, definitely gay. He’s beautifully gay.” 

I watched this in one sitting and now I feel completely destroyed. This is the most poignant and beautiful portrayal of being unashamedly gay on screen, that I have seen in a long time and it is so incredible to see. Do not go into this with the preconception that this will be another gay tv show that’s all about dealing with homophobia or the struggles of being gay, because it isn’t. It is unapologetically gay in every sense; it captures the smallest details you would only be able to put onto paper if you were gay yourself, whether it be the awkwardness of sex, or the way LGBT people tend to gravitate towards one another. It explores homophobia and the effects it has on us, but it never panders to this idea in the media that being gay is only ever this hardship full of bullying and overt homophobia, it can be fun, it can be devastating, it can be a huge frustration but it can be beautiful too. This is completely and utterly a show made by gay people for gay people. I really hope this show gets the attention and awards buzz it deserves, especially a supporting actress nomination for Keeley Hawes, who completely blew me away in that final episode, or Lydia West who shines so bright in every scene she is in, and of course Olly Alexander too. I was quite skeptical of the casting decision at first but he is incredible in this role. I really urge everyone to just take the time to watch it because it is one of the best pieces of television I have seen in a long time, and it truly deserves recognition.

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