Lamb ★★½

TBH this movie probably deserves a higher rating, because the deeper meaning is really good...but I did not enjoy sitting through this movie. It's quite, vague, and nothing ever really draws me in or interests me. The moment the lamb is shown to be half human half lamb it becomes super distracting and it's hard to focus on the overall narrative of the plot.

The overall meaning (from my perspective) is how we cope with grief and how loss can affect our relationships, and our connection to the unknown or supernatural. In the beginning it's clear there's a distance between the couple. Like a hole missing in their relationship. After they adopt the half breed human/lamb there's an unspoken agreement between the two to raise it as their own. It's clear the mother is guilty for taking the lamb away from the birth mother as she is driven to killing the sheep for grieving her baby lamb. In the end she's forced to pay the same price as her husband is murderedand the lamb taken away. This is pretty much the entire movie and it was pretty boring in my opinion. But I'm not an expert by any means. I feel like this movie was specifically made for dedicated film artists and not the average viewer.

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