The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

A disjointed narrative that suffers from bad narration and underdeveloped characters. The acting is pretty great though, especially Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson so some of the best young talents in the current movie landscape. The cinematography and overall production of the film is pretty great too, using great narrative tricks like POV and framing to add more significance to this underdeveloped story. I hate the "this should've been a mini-series" complaint, but this should've been a mini-series. There are so many points where character's motivations change in an instant or off-screen that it makes the drastic moments less impact. The only storylines worth anything is Arvin and his sister, two characters with contrasting views on faith. But instead, that is only a fifth of the movie, and the rest focuses on an insane priest that kills his wife, some serial killer couple, and a corrupt sheriff. Is there some thematic tie-ins through each storyline? If there is, it's as thin as a Kleenex. If the script adapted the book more extremely to benefit a 2 hour runtime, I can see this being great. But as it stands now, it's a film that needs more time to develop.