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  • Macario



    "Things are not right. The wrong food is always with the wrong people. " - from Toni Morrison's 'Recitatif'.


    A starving woodsman with a struggling family makes a grim choice in the mist-haunted massifs. In the time-tested mode of fables from around the world, three specters approach him at different passes to ask if they can share his stolen food. Yet he does so only with one. Certainly not with the Devil, who comes…

  • The Spook Who Sat by the Door

    The Spook Who Sat by the Door


    Fantastically engaging black liberation cinema. Praxis, philosophy, rhetoric, wish-fulfillment and the complexities of radicalism all seem to get equal treatment as the film revels in themes like CIA blowback, tokenism turned into a tool of subversion, and the final inevitable outcome of American white supremacy.

    The movie manages a revolutionary fantasy narrative - its white people are stock racists with no attempt at humanizing them, as if in response to the near universally simple depiction of black Americans in the…

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  • Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday

    Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday


    "You looka likeah melted Ben Affleck!"

    Well, alright! The martial arts film is alive and well in 2022! Lots of searing fights. Fantastic physical performances throughout. Zara Phythian and Andy Long Nguyen really bringing the hand-to-hand heat. Ray Stevenson spits chewed up sausage into Scott Adkins' face, both actually and metaphorically.

    There are some authentically funny bits, and the gags that aren't funny almost always land in that forgiving sweet spot where cheese and dad jokes live. Loaded with super…

  • Pearl



    I liked this better than X, though it gets to cheat a bit. By having already spent an entire previous feature introducing us to Pearl, this movie has to do very little work to establish her as a character and can just hit the ground running, which is a delight.

    But honestly, this has far more emotional depth and character building, and it provides a much greater opportunity for Mia Goth to show us exactly what she's capable of.


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  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    There are at least two sure ways to know you're on the right side of history...

    1. The Black Panthers bring you food during your sit in.
    2. The press gives you a bad ass name like "The Occupying Cripple Liberation Army".

    That powerhouse and political force of nature Judith Heumann wasn't on the stage during the signing of the ADA, after all that she did, and instead it was a bunch of white dudes, is the fucking story of civil rights movements in America.

  • The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer

    The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer


    There’s a scene about 515 minutes into this nine and half hour movie where our protagonist, Kaji - having fully made the transition from manager of a Japanese prison labor camp to POW of a Soviet prison labor camp - comes before the Russian management of the camp to answer for his attempts at democratizing the POWs.

    Kaji is, as far as he knows himself, a socialist. Many times throughout the six part filmic cycle he is referred to as…