Rotting in the Sun

Rotting in the Sun ★★★★½

For every time I’ve ever complained here on LB about not getting enough male full frontal in movies, directer Sebastián Silva shows me a dick in this one. And I’ve bitched about it a lot. Good. I love dicks. So it was a bummer that the first act of this was so tedious, even with all the dicks.

But the minute the second act turned, this movie went from shitfuck annoying, to really, really great. The movie whips its focus so abruptly and onto such a previously minor character that it immediately broadens its world and (finally) complicates its narrative enough to make it one of my favorite watches of the year.

I really liked Silva’s “Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus”. I didn’t know this was one of his flicks until they actually name checked "Crystal Fairy" here (I just watched this because the poster looked cool). I got excited when I realized I’d stumbled on another Silva jam. And now I’m fully sold. No more accidentally stumbling onto his stuff. I’m going to dig through his body of work next year.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun with this, and what’s more, I think it might be Trojan Horsing something secretly artful, human, and authentic hidden amongst all the drugs, sexual excess, bleak comedy, and internet influencer commentary. It’s certainly far, far, far more interesting than anything I’ve seen from Big Queer Industries lately.

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