Rye Lane

Rye Lane ★★½

Anime paced manic pixie fantasy romcom, from meet cute to grand gesture (never trust a grand gesture - grand gesture people, in real life, are the most frivolous with another's heart).

The movie has incredible production design throughout, it's absolutely stunning looking. The visual world building and background jokes are really well handled. The leads are very cute.

But the script is broad and slight. The characters, even the leads, are scarecrow people, caricatures instead of characters. For me, protagonist Yas kicks off heavy duty red flags. The secondary characters are all straw men (straw people?) often painted in the worst light so our protagonists can justify their own pettiness, self-involvement, and outright cruelty. But at least the cartoonishness of the characterization fits well with the style of the film.

The whole thing's way too extra for my personal taste, but again, I can't stress how every single image was delightful to gaze at, and I like that the genre-mandated rom-com schism, and then the final last act reunification, were both pretty low key and chill.

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