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  • Trouble Man
  • I Drink Your Blood
  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41
  • House on the Edge of the Park

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  • Doctor Dracula

  • Lost

  • Carnival Magic

  • The Power of the Dog


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  • Blood for Dracula

    Blood for Dracula


    Whata bizarre little picture. I've been wanting to see this for ages and I'm glad to say it does not disappoint one bit. I was totally invested in this artistic, sleazy oddity all the way through. Then in it's final moments it explodes into full blown midnight mayhem and was suddenly elevated to legendary status. Udo Kier is incredible and gives one of my new favorite on screen performances of Dracula. I was surprised at how much of a sleazy…

  • Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

    Frankenstein's Bloody Terror


    This has everything you'd come to want from a Paul Naschy wolfman jam. Werewolf vs undead wolfstein, seductive vampires, hellish lighting, and a wholly engaging story. Totally enthralling stuff, fuckin' loved it. Would love to see this cleaned up and put out by Mondo Macabro with it's proper title The Mark of the Wolfman (La marca del Hombre Lobo).

Recent reviews

  • Doctor Dracula

    Doctor Dracula

    Only watched the Adamson directed scenes on the Severin disc but fuck it I'm still logging it. This journey through his filmography has been a great one and I can't wait to revisit some in the new year.

  • Lost


    Not Adamson's worst film but most definitely his most dull and uninspired.

Popular reviews

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Pretty dull and uninteresting. There are some cool ideas but the execution is all messy. The main girl’s acting is godawful. Actually everyone is lackluster besides Benjamin Flores Jr., kid is damn good. Shot like an episode of Stranger Things. A super lame slasher flick that will appeal to the basic teenage Netflix users. More akin to the Scream tv series or that shitty AHS slasher season. Not my kind of shit at all.

  • Gunpowder Milkshake

    Gunpowder Milkshake

    Well this was a painful sit. Pretty much hated everything about this. It’s rigorously boring, totally inept, and completely void of any real fun. Sure it has a killer cast but we get Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett as goddamn background characters, that’s fucked. Our star Karen Gillan is absolutely awful, keep her far away from action pictures. The fights suck. It’s way overlong. Everything is neon drenched, god I wish we could give that shit up. An embarrassing John Wick/The…