Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★½

I've never been a huge fan of any of the Halloween films (except Halloween III which totally fuckin' owns), so I wasn't so hyped about this one. Sure there are some decent bloody kills but they seriously left me longing for the days of Lucio Fulci. Any kind of gratuitous gore shot would have mildly helped. Anyway this film is hilarious, absolutely awful but hilarious. It does have some mind numbingly boring fan service bullshit, there's actually a lot. So many lame returning characters. It's so stupid that I couldn't help but enjoy a little bit of it.

Can someone just kill this old bastard already? I mean buy a couple grenades off some whacked out black market dealer and drop them sons of bitches down his coveralls. He ain't gonna ride around in the electric wheelchair that he got from Nana down the street with no legs and stab people. Though that's the sequel we really need. Also a chainsaw fight, every film is improved with a chainsaw fight.

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