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  • Game Night

    Game Night


    This is for sure top 10 comedy movies of all time. Game Night seems like a basic movie but is just brilliant and executed perfectly. Jesse Plemons is the most memorable in the movie but all the characters are great in this. This is literally David Fincher's The Game but I thought this was better. Give this movie a shot because you will definitely have a good time and hopefully like it as much as I did. Only flaw is the ugly ass poster for the movie, looks like a second grader did it.

  • GoodFellas



    I would put GoodFellas 4th on Scorsese's best that I have seen but this is still a 5 star movie. You would think Robert De Niro would be the best in this movie but no, Joe Pesci was the best. He stole the show every scene he was in and is a scary and creepy mother fucker. Ray Liotta was good but whenever he laughed it looked overdramatic which isn't a problem I just noticed it. This felt way less than over 2 hours cause it was so well paced that your eyes are constantly glued to your TV till the movie is over.

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  • Atonement



    I have never felt more hatred to a character in my life than that little son of a bitch Briony. Saoirse should have won that oscar because she was like 13 years old and played that character so fuckin well. This whole movie visually is absolutely beautiful and performances are great. I have to congratulate this movie for making me feel these emotions towards these characters, like honestly I didn't think I was gonna like this movie that much but god damn was this great. Again I hate that son of a bitch Briony.

  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    I just want to say that the campfire scene in the movie is literally perfect, probably top 10 scenes of all time. It is so emotional and it feels like River Phoenix wasn't even acting that's how good it was. The dialogue he was speaking was so touching gosh it's so sad that he died so young he would have been in so much more amazing movies.