Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

Coming from a full on hater of the marvel and d.c universe I gotta say I was damn impressed!

This is exactly what I've been dying to get out of these movies! A little genuine emotion! An actual plot and really just something besides the same old damn formula over and over again!

Not to say it didn't have its flaws, #1 mark ruffalo is still one of the absolute worst actors of our time, #2 super hero's make dumb decisions that infuriate the hell outta me and #3 no matter how much you sugar coat it your still getting essentially the same plot but at least they tried to break the formula this time!

I give alot of credit to the guardians of the galaxy, Thor and most of all josh brolin, they really put this movie over the top in my opinion. Overall I was truly impressed and if I had to give a recommendation to anyone it would be skip literally EVERYTHING else and go right to this one, take my word for it 👉

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