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  • All About Lily Chou-Chou
  • …ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren…
  • The Wind Is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea
  • A Moment of Innocence

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  • A Brighter Summer Day


  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.


  • Spider-Man 3


  • After Hours


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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    “Have you ever looked at the sky when you wake in the morning?”

    Abbas introduces himself to the world with a grand, hushed demeanor. Though not his first foray onto the world stage, this will prove to be one of his most successful. Taking us on a road trip with an inevitable conclusion, he dodges our expectations and replaces whatever ending we had in mind with a deconstruction of cinema, art, and life itself. But the ending is not what…

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  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    I can only imagine the look of pure panic on Kevin Feige’s face as he realizes what he has done by bringing Jake Gyllenhaal back to life in the mcu in spider-man: no way home

  • Moonlight



    fifth watch. 

    TLDR: This is a film about identity, and it really connected to me as someone who really struggles with theirs. I don’t really like putting my business out there on the internet so I suspect I’ll delete this review soon, but it’s here for now. 

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    They called me a lot of stuff growing up. ‘weird’, ‘funny’, or ‘girly’ were the descriptors most often used. Not to make out like I was an unpopular…