Malignant ½

Reminded me of my exes too much. 

All joking aside, I can’t stress this enough: don’t watch this. Just don’t. It’s not worth even having an opinion on. I wish someone had told me that. It’s disgusting. Vile, even. And I wouldn’t feel so confidently in saying so if it weren’t for its complete lack of attention to every single character’s psychology. It’s removed from all natural emotional response at any single event in the narrative. It’s removed from any thematic takeaway that actually strikes a chord in any of its characters, so how’s it meant to strike one in us? It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, truly. It doesn’t matter how laughable the horror Pixies remix is; it doesn’t matter how twisty it thinks it is; how artsy the compositions are at times. It doesn’t show any care toward crafting any of its characters; it certainly doesn’t respect its audience enough to consider us competent; and maybe worst of all, it’ll be praised for its originality despite deriving all of its major beats from far better works with far more heart and far less senseless violence.


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