Se7en ★★★★★

"Nothing wrong with a man taking pleasure in his work." -John Doe

This statement is exactly what Fincher is doing with Se7en. He crafted one hell of a film, and tells us one fucked up story in the process. You can tell by the way he develops the mystery and coherently shoots everything he wants us to see that he is taking pride in making this film. I LOVE everything about this movie. I love how dirty and grimy the whole thing looks and feels, it is so unsettling but I think that's what Fincher wants. He wants the viewer to feel uneasy, puzzled and uncomfortable. That even comes down to the characters. Mills is such a cocky, arrogant, over confident asshole it is impossible to route for him, and Pitt plays it so well. Exact opposite can be said for Sommerset, he is reserved, over protective and jaded to the things he has seen. All of these things attribute to the outcome of the film. The other thing I love is that we never actually see any of the murders. Only the aftermath. We are literally put in the detectives shoes.

The way it all plays out is simply amazing. Even when Mills and Sommerset interrupt Doe's plan it is still calculated down to such a definitive end, it blows my mind. Every time I watch Se7en I love and respect it more and more. Everything about it is truly great, the story, the performances, the dirty cinematography, and not to mention it is a superb procedural. While Alien 3 was his break into feature films, Se7en was Fincher's statement "here I am and this is what I do!" (And it marks the start of his mind blowing opening credit sequences!)

"I'm not special. I've never been exceptional. This is though, what I'm doing, my work." - John Doe

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