Star Wars Collection ★★★★★

So in celebration of Star Wars day my wife and I sat down to watch the entire saga. We had gotten the Blu Ray collection for Christmas 2 years ago and never have gotten around to watching them till now, and even then it was pretty spur f the moment. In preparing for our viewing I was told about a different sequence in which to watch them by Mr Javier Fuentez. According to him watching them IV, V, I, II, III, VI gives the story a much better flow. It sounds weird I know and i seems like it wouldnt make much sense. So since I have seen these films dozens of times I decided I'd try that out and see if I like it.

This sequence works! And dare I say it works probably BETTER than chronologically. Watching in this order really gives more weight to Anakin/Vader's story arc. It starts as the story of Luke, a boys lost in a world where he doesn't know his place and begins a journey that shows him his true destiny. It is not until it is revealed that Darth Vader is his father that the story becomes super interesting. So after "Empire" we begin with the prequel trilogy, and it basically becomes a flashback story with the background of Anakin and how he becomes this ultimate evil villain. After seeing these events and then jumping back into the Luke story you really feel the impact of Anakin's actions and the consequences. It wasn't until this viewing that I realized that In order for Anakin to bring balance to the force he HAD to be consumed by the dark side. The dark side was what enabled him to destroy the Emperor by using his hatred. That is why he was the chosen one, not Luke. It had to be Anakin. I recommend if you haven't watched these in a while, give them a Re-watch in this order. Surprisingly it doesn't feel weird or out of order, it actually works well.

As for how I feel about the films themselves I love them, even the prequels! While I do see that they are not as charming as the originals they do have substance, even if it is lovey-dubby. I am not a big Jar Jar fan though. I'm glad he isn't very present throughout the rest of the series!

I am anxious to see where the franchise will go now that they have decided to relaunch it. While I have my skepticizms I do have a lot of faith in JJ Abrams. I would love to see a film revolving around a young Han Solo. I for one would like to see how he and Chewbacca met, what happened between Han and Jabba, and how Han aquired the Falcon from Lando. That would be one of my suggestions for one of these films they Re-watch talking about releasing every year!

May the 4th be with you!