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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    A study of permanence and impermanence and the ways we internalize our emotions until they explode into a physically affecting form, an abstraction of narrative that Snyder pushes so hard it loops into and under itself, there are snapshots of other films - images people have labelled unnecessary - but this is not so much misplaced exposition as it is a myriad of secondary narratives superseding our core one - that's why the titular fight takes over an hour to…

  • Glass



    By far the strangest studio product I have ever seen, bar none, and Shyamalan's strangest film yet, by a long mile.

    A series of incredibly hard pills to swallow; three elements sell all challenges.

    (1) The incredibly sturdy shot-reverse-shot is a key indicator of a man at the absolute top of his game. The use of elliptical spacial interruptions actively throws off any assumptions one can make about the pace or overall shape of the movie prior to its completion.…