The Village ★★★★★

I am doing so fucking badly right now but this film makes everything better. A set of characters who fought to escape a system and did, ultimately imposing another set of constraints upon themselves because the only way us humans know how to function is through constructs and control; bedtime stories meant to give children nightmares, fascism, capitalism and corporate greed. The only way we know of to process ourselves is through meta-cognitive art; it is entirely genius that the end reveal of the film reconstructs the entire process of Shyamalan's storytelling, as contemporary life continues to be a vicious cycle even for those who have managed to escape it: living outside human construct is all very well until you proceed to build another construct for yourselves, the physical presence of a monster under the bed and the crushing claustrophobia of the weighty realization that this is all there is. Shyamalan sets out to prove that human evolution and relation - yes, love - is exactly what is going to save us from our own absurd, commandeering behaviors. Shyamalan sets out to prove that even if we cannot escape the fact that we as human beings are eternally raped by a system we cannot escape, retaining emotion is the most important thing of all. He's trying to prove, really, that humanity is good.

I disagree, and always will. But The Village is the closest I've come to believing.

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