There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

Anderson's most inhumane cinema also manages to be his most deeply affecting, the psychological studies of which take place on screen create a sharply incisive view on old school Americana, this is an exploration of what the American Dream may have looked like had it existed in the days of the foundation of modern society, not a study of good or bad or religion or two different men opposed to each other, but a study of "true culture" whatever that may mean. Dano out-acts Day-Lewis, not a statement that can often be directed at anyone who shares the screen with Lewis, but it's certainly most fitting here; almost all actors portray their characters as if they're asleep but awake, almost as if everybody onscreen has some kind of somnambulism.

Propaganda styled beliefs shown through a filter of American understanding watered down to make bombastic ideals seem simplistic to a mainstream viewer, before being restyled by a modern-day auteur; between this, The Master and Punch-Drunk Love, I have found confirmation that Anderson may indeed be the greatest living filmmaker.