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  • Agents of Chaos

    Agents of Chaos


    A MUST WATCH. Alex Gibney fully dissects the Russian meddling and shows a horrifying view from under the curtain. Gibney creates a clear image through the fog of noise. In the end the Russians didn’t really have to do much, all the division and hate was already there. It just needed a spark to light the chaos. This film really shook me while also terrifying me. I don’t think I see a way back for any society from this division.…

  • A Wilderness of Error

    A Wilderness of Error


    A WILDERNESS OF ERROR has its moments but overall it is just to long. It could’ve easily been cut down to make a more fascinating story. Honestly based on what was shown and the circles Smerling goes in to show you, I feel like Jeffrey MacDonald is probably guilty. But it could go either way. I feel like if Errol Morris directed this it would’ve been much better.

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  • The Girl on the Train

    The Girl on the Train


    A film so bad that I wish I gave “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” a higher score. The director was completely out of his element with this story, and the actors were forced to over act to save something… I’m not sure what Tate was trying to accomplish with the way the film was put together. 30 Min into the film I already didn’t care how it was going to end, the editing and direction irritated me. The film…

  • Love Fraud

    Love Fraud


    Love fraud is interesting at times but should have been much more thrilling as they hunt him down. I think cutting it down shorter would have helped that. Just over bloated with lacks focus as it keeps switching from the main goal to side stories. The Last 2 episodes are so much better than the first two.