Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

You could say it is just another Marvel movie. There is the superheroes origin story.
A broken man discovers himself, becomes more powerful than ever. He got a love interest, but they are fighting a lot and there is some one-dimensional guy who wants to destroy the world.
Doctor Strange is so much more. The Cast is brilliant, the music is weird like the visuals.
Oh yes, the visuals. London is folded together and being manipulated like you are watching the city scene of Inception.
But there is one thing that bothers me so much in this movie and it is a simple filming mistake. Strange is sitting in his Appartement, skyping with someone. He gets angry and slaps his Microsoft Surface (great placement by the way) flat. And like two shots later it stands back up on the table.

(Sorry for the language. I am writing this two am and I'm f*cking tired. I'll edit this review tomorrow. Good Night.)

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