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Filmmaker and Letterboxd member So Yun Um joins hosts Slim and Gemma for a chat about her new Tribeca sell-out documentary Liquor Store Dreams, and her four Letterboxd faves: Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love; Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow; Federico Fellini’s and the Wachowski Sisters’ The Matrix. Plus: throwing caution to the wind and becoming a filmmaker, the fleeting moments that give us life, getting around Netflix’s screenshot ban, sexy noodles, who we would date from the Better Luck Tomorrow cast, So’s Johnny Tran prequel pitch, making dads proud, neo-realism vs French New Wave, all our fave Keanu movies, neighborhoods, high grades, parents who just want you married off, how The Matrix broke down barriers at high school and the Danny-from-Liquor Store Dreams spinoff we want to see.

Film historian and Letterboxd “adult task force” member Elizabeth Purchell joins hosts Slim and Gemma to unearth four absolutely under-seen historic favorites on The Letterboxd Show for Pride Month: Rosa Von Praunheim’s City of Lost Souls; Jack Deveau’s Drive; Stephen Winter’s Chocolate Babies and Juliet Bashore’s Kamikaze Hearts, along with a chat about her Ask Any Buddy film and podcast. Plus: radical cinema, radical portraits, radical activism, the prolific Rosa Von Praunheim, the best mullet ever seen on film, wangs in jars, trans icons, adult films about Jesus, the endless joys of Jess Franco movies, and the film that has just one fan on Letterboxd. This episode contains plentiful discussion of adult cinema. P.S. “Watch Lady Terminator as fast as you can.”