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Film historian and Letterboxd “adult task force” member Elizabeth Purchell joins hosts Slim and Gemma to unearth four absolutely under-seen historic favorites on The Letterboxd Show for Pride Month: Rosa Von Praunheim’s City of Lost Souls; Jack Deveau’s Drive; Stephen Winter’s Chocolate Babies and Juliet Bashore’s Kamikaze Hearts, along with a chat about her Ask Any Buddy film and podcast. Plus: radical cinema, radical portraits, radical activism, the prolific Rosa Von Praunheim, the best mullet ever seen on film, wangs in jars, trans icons, adult films about Jesus, the endless joys of Jess Franco movies, and the film that has just one fan on Letterboxd. This episode contains plentiful discussion of adult cinema. P.S. “Watch Lady Terminator as fast as you can.”

Video editor, writer and Letterboxd member Lucy May joins hosts Gemma and Slim for a MegaSound 8000 influencer session on her four favorite films: Amélie; It Follows; Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Josie and the Pussycats. Plus: Why Lucy’s dad is the best Letterboxd dad. Glass men and brittle bones. Getting serious about It Follows, for once. Opinions about elevated horror. Slim’s boys’ night out at Portrait. The power of Parker Posey. The best present Lucy ever received. The best band managers in movies. Modern Archie comics. Why Saw V is saw-ly underrated. An apology to the Letterboxd moderators. Does Slim even know what Björk looks like? And Lucy’s top five lesbian film hits for Pride month.