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The Bechdel Cast’s Jamie Loftus and Caitlin Durante joins hosts Gemma and Slim to discuss four favorite films: Paddington 2; Titanic; School of Rock and I, Tonya. Plus: why Paddington will always pass the Bechdel Test, ranking Nicole Kidman’s wigs, terrifying Paddington mafia logic, whether the Poddington podcast will ever come to life, Sally Hawkins, Titanic tourism, Jamie’s hole-punch era, the two-part Titanic VHS, our Billy Zane anecdotes, Phantom merch, horny ’90s women, Fabrizio, why Jack Black needs to be kissing in more movies, Joan Cusack’s iconic monologue, Jamie’s MoviePass addiction to I, Tonya, Caitlin’s cult, and movie teams that could beat Thanos.

Variety reporter and Austin native Selome Hailu joins hosts Gemma and Slim to discuss why her Letterboxd profile is only for people who support Holes being her number one movie, and to celebrate the finer points of her other favorite films: The Last Black Man in San Francisco, The Young Girls of Rochefort and Saint Frances. Plus: the perfect rating, the need for a five-star-plus-“unlike” emoji, Emile Mosseri’s transcendent soundtracks, Slim’s religious experience with Last Black Man’s skateboarding scenes, the urgent conversation around incarceration that Holes brings up, spending time with those you love, breaking the cinephile bubble, meeting Magic Johnson, and a little chat about Selome’s rating for Babe: Pig in the City.

Video essayist and popular member Patrick H. Willems joins hosts Gemma and Slim to “Patrick Explains” his four Letterboxd favorites: Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Matrix, Evil Dead II and Rushmore, and talk about why he devotes his time to demystifying the art of filmmaking, why he relates to a depressed thirteen-year-old witch, the life-changing energy of The Matrix, Sam Raimi’s extraordinary output, and precocious Wes Anderson characters. Plus: Patrick fills us in on his accidental feature film and his Keanu podcast, we get his shocked reaction to the Fast X director news as it happens, and quickly recover with a deep dive into Josh Hartnett’s best work. Patrick has a bone to pick with High Fidelity, and Slim promises to finally watch the best action scene ever made—the train chase in The Wrong Trousers.