Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★½

I finished watching this film hours before the Oscars nominations announcement. This one obviously deserves the best picture.

Drive my car, the adaptation of Haruki Murakami's story of the same name manages to tell a simple yet profound story. The relationship between the main characters and the delicacy with which it is filmed makes it stand out as one of my favorite films this year.

A red car is a metaphor used so well by this Japanese director. It represents a heart that pumps blood through the arteries of the city, at first it is Tokyo with its streets, tunnels, and highways, then the protagonist, in the second part, will move to Hiroshima to take over the direction of a play written by his wife.

The script obtained its well-deserved recognition, it is sensual, a painful journey at times, but as the minutes go by, it uncovers the arteries of that city. That old car witness how Yusuke and Misaki regain the meaning of life. Misaki turns the same age as Yusuke's daughter, the connection between those characters overflows the screen and some scenes move, they jump into our hearts to nest a kind melancholy that in the end will make us fuller.

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