Lady Bird

Lady Bird β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

this really does nail my Catholic school experience in so many ways:
- only going there because someone got knifed at the public school
- snacking on unconsecrated communion wafers and some annoying girl saying yOu’Re nOt sUpposEd tO
- skirt check😷 and the snobby rich girls getting busted because like fools, they got their skirts hemmed instead of just rolling it up at the waist and being able to roll it back down
- the football coaches being the sub for everything even though they are entirely unqualified
- guidance counselors making fun of students’ ambitions and judging them for not wanting to go to Catholic colleges
- 🎡make me a channel of your peeeeaaaace🎡
- β€œsix inches for the holy spirit!”
- teachers giving the death glare to two girls dancing together (meanwhile they ignore the girls wearing β€œsave a horse ride a cowboy” shirts)
- random β€œinspirational” speech from woman whose mom almost had an abortion

(inaccurate parts:Β we were NOT allowed to have dyed hair,Β their school didn’t have creepy perv teachers (at least not mentioned), and my school was even whiter)

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