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  • Charmed Particles

    Charmed Particles


    All around us, the light washes through this dim space, over our blankets, our curtains; its dappled flow delicately paints leaves and chairs and hands and figures; moment after fleeting moment the light searches through the shadow, illuminating, briefly, this floating world -- and yet, somewhere behind it all, eternal, silent and uncaring, lying in the darkness between each frame of film, is life: so quickly passing us by.

  • Histoire(s) du cinéma

    Histoire(s) du cinéma


    “Art’s despair: its desperate attempt to create the imperishable from what perishes, from words, sounds, stones, colors, so that the space formed might outlast time. Although the mighty build halls, filling them with torches and music, surrounding themselves with bodies and more bodies, and faces and more faces… that too was but a kind of sleep.”