Eternals ★★★


Extremely messy and overlong but has interesting ideas that pop up here and there in the usual formula. There’s just too many characters to introduce honestly, ten on the poster and they all have to be introduced in one movie while also having a plot and having to set up the next 20 movies in the franchise, this film was doomed from the start. With so many characters, some are much more fleshed out than others. I really liked Richard Madden in this and what he was given to do. Barry Keoghan is incredible and am so excited for what he does next now that he’s got that Disney money to support more interesting projects. Also he had great chemistry with Lauren Midloff; their scenes stole the movie.

The constant setups for the next 20 films from these past few marvel films is starting to get grating, it’s always been there in the past films obviously but I feel like it was just a little more subtle. At times it just feels like the film comes to a halt for that sweet sweet setup, and then the ending is so weird as well. I feel like there was a major missed opportunity here, you could have the whole movie set in Ancient Greece or Babylon but instead we have scenes where Richard Madden plays with Snapchat filters…


Overall, not very memorable besides the few neat things they do in the third act but it never feels like they really commit the convoluted nature of the situation. It’s pretty clear who we are supposed to be rooting for, good guys gotta stop the bad guys. Overall, I just left the theatre feeling pretty lukewarm on this. The MCU has been struggling to keep my attention lately and the best thing that I can say about this is that I was mildly entertained with some cool moments but this feels like a rough cut instead of a final cut.

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