Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★½


There Rick Dalton was flat on his ass and who does he have living next door to him? The director of this movie that’s who!

This is a great horror film that relies more on the psychological aspects of horror than blood and gore. Mia Farrow gives a relentless performance as a woman feeling trapped in her own home. And you feel as trapped as her throughout most of the film with the fear of helplessness and non-control looming in the air the entire runtime. It’s great how the film makes you feel so uncomfortable with the simplest of scenes. The film is masterfully paced from start to finish, not a single scene is wasted. It’s somewhat long but feels so tight with it’s good editing. There’s great payoff to the countless setups and you as a viewer are engaged by constantly piecing together the oddities that occur.

This film just touches on real fear of being secluded. The one not being in on the joke and the loneliness and depression that comes with those fears. You feel for Rosemary as the film progresses, and more and more things are revealed. The ending is so great as well, as she gives in to what society demands of her around the time that this was made. I like the ending because it’s so weirdly framed for the big reveal scene which works given the context of happening. Won’t give it away even though this film came out 50 years ago. However, I will say wow, even if it’s revealed early on in the film what’s going down, it’s still cathartic and makes just that much more depressing for Rosemary to go through this abuse.

Overall, I highly recommend this as it is a top tier horror film.

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