The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½


“What what what what what what what!”

I think that quote from this film pretty much describes it better than I could.

This is film is great because Robert Eggers just delivers such a rich atmosphere from minute one of this film. From the black and white to the tiny aspect ratio, it all sells this film and you can’t help but get absorbed into this uncomfortable environment. The constant foghorn blaring throughout the film is a great touch as well. These two men and their dissent into absolute madness is as crazy as it is entertaining. I think the film is a lot of about the human feeling of desire and the lengths to know and have and want. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are absolutely amazing in this. It’s just them the entire film and they’re great. I believed they were these people and the raw intensity of the performances sell the madness that ensues.

Every shot in this film is the best shot of the film. The cinematography is amazing. Overall, I recommend because this movie is wild and obscure with fart and poop jokes and Two amazing performances, it’s quite an experience. Bring on the Batman and also bring on whatever Dafoe does next because he’s a great actor.

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