The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★


What better way to end 2016 than to watch Ryan Gosling swim with mermaids and talk to giant bees....really, it doesn't get much better than that.

Ryan Gosling was probably the funniest part of this movie. He has so much energy and it's too much to handle. He doesn't just have some funny lines, he provides great physical humor, his facial expressions are excellent. The scene when he finds the dead body, that is acting at its purest right there. Then just like that he can be completely subdued in films like Drive. He really is one of the greatest actors working today.  

Jared Leto, you can send as many dead rats to people as you want and Leo you can eat all the bison livers you want, however Gosling has you both beat at the whole "acting" part of the career.

Russell Crowe was also great. Probably the best he's been in a while. He just looks like a tired brute and likes beating people up. Gosling is better but they're are both fun characters. I would like to see multiple films starring these two. They played off each other so well. 

The little girl that played Holly was also good. Her character is kind of the cliche kid character that "just wants to help the heroes" and all that. Why do kids always want to help in movies? However she does...actually help the Nice Guys a lot.

I noticed a few little twists on other cliches however. For example, there's a lot of movie scenes where a character tells a story and the point of the story relates to the conflict of the movie. So Crowe tells a story then says the point of the story and Gosling says something like: "why'd you have to tell me this whale of a story instead of just telling me the point?" And they have a little back and forth on it. I appreciate little jabs like that.

Another thing, the Nice Guys...are really bad at their job. They kind Did they really accomplish much by the end of the film? Doesn't bother me though because it was extremely entertaining. Nothing really matters, just enjoy the ride with funny characters, good action, giant bees, mermaids and Richard Nixon.

Also apparently the Body that March finds is played by Robert Downey Jr, because why not.

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