The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½


It’s ironic that this is all about how messy and complex we are as humans because this movie is filmed to perfection. It looks so good, the framing of the shots, it’s all just a beautiful way to tell this story. I could watch this film on mute and still be invested because I don’t know how else to say how good it looks. With great editing as well, it’s long but I think for the most part it’s very well paced. It’s so unique at times how the film dips in and out of reality at times. Renate Reinsve is very charming and real and fleshed out with a fantastic performance as Julie. This self destructive woman who you do want to root for because she’s so likable.

Really just a movie about how everything sucks. Life is terrible, happiness comes and goes and by the end of the film you just want to die, and I thought that was great. The title is interesting because the title is used at one point but it is a different character describing himself for doing the same thing that Julie is doing. I think the film is really challenging you to understand why she does what she does. Should our basic needs in the pursuit of happiness be determined by how others may feel? I think it’s a fine line of selfishness that the film asks how much we are okay with her actions.

You can’t just wake up and be happy one day despite everything in life being good. That’s why I liked this film so much, it’s a great screenplay because while it may be cliche to say, it’s so real. She makes decisions based on how she feels and 90% of them are not rational. Not because a happened then b is the result and c is the act two break. It’s just a person trying to figure her shit out and figuring your shit out is hard. Overall, I very much recommend this and am stunned it wasn’t nominated for best picture. One of the best films that 2021 had to offer.

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