There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★★


I finally drank the milkshake....I DRANK IT UP!

This film, is this even a film? this SPECTACLE is just an explosion of greatness. now my first viewing, I didn't quite like this film. Day-Lewis was great but I just thought "That's it?" So after seeing so many people praise this for some time now, I just go, "You know what, Gladiator is going to have to wait because I'm rewatching TWBB."

And can I just from the opening scene when Daniel found the silver, and that horrifying music starts to swell up and you see the obsession begin to sweep in, I think: "Oh wow, this is really compelling." the first 20 minutes there's practically no dialogue and I was thoroughly invested.

Now, Daniel Plainview is a ruthless man, the line, "we'll give them Quail money." I think sums it up. He knows the land is worth "Oil money" but he'd rather give them just Quail. He doesn't care about anyone. I think he did care about his son, besides just using him as an image. I believe there was some compassion toward him, that's why he beat Eli but.....he's a businessman not a family man. by the end, he's not a man at all. he's nothing.

I think my favorite scene is when the gas blowout where H.W. loses his hearing. Daniel runs to rescue him takes him inside but then just leaves him again. then just him looking at the giant flames, covered in the oil, he's covered in the greed. it has formed around him and consumed him.

Do you think the title is a warning to both Daniel and Eli? If you both keep making these decisions...There will be blood. I also just want to point out the fact that Daniel prefers to sleep on the floor...probably because from early days, mining and such, he was used to sleeping on the ground....I love that aspect.

To sum up, this is an amazing character study that everyone should see more than once.

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