War Dogs ★★★★


Jonah Hill's laugh was the funniest aspect in this movie just because it was the strangest laugh ever. 

I was getting some serious Scorsese vibes while watching this. Criminals, Money, FBI. It all felt very familiar....but was very entertaining to watch.

Miles Teller was fine in this role, nothing special but Jonah Hill was the standout. He was funny, crude and fun to watch in this film. Seriously though...that laugh

I enjoyed the story, again, it's a tad familiar, not groundbreaking or anything. However the best thing about this film is the second act, when they're making money and partying.

Some of the song choices were a little too on the nose. When they're in Vegas, a Frank Sinatra song is played. A scene involving the military has Fortunate Son playing. Come on Philips, dial it down.

This film was a solid good.

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