Widows ★★★½


My first glimpse into Steve McQueen’s work and this a pretty solid starting point for me. I think this is a very well made crime drama. It’s very well shot and all the acting is very good. I liked how almost all of the outdoor scenes had a bit of coldness to them. Not the temperature but the feeling of the scene. It’s not really sunny, it’s windy, and grey. I think sets the mood for this film very well. Just something I noticed and thought was neat. There’s lots of small setup in the film so it’s always nice to see all the payoff for it. Sometimes it’s good payoff, other times it’s the opposite.

I think all the actors are good in the film. Viola Davis is good, if you need your character to cry well then she’s your gal. I liked Elizabeth Debicki’s little arc about standing up for herself. Also Daniel Kaluuya is very good in this. He does intimidation really well because he’s got some cold eyes. He’s the type of character that is written where there is only one satisfying conclusion for the audience and so his last scene of the film just felt so forced. Everyone else was good, there were a few weak links in the story though. Like the babysitter? Really?

Also it seemed that there wasn’t much buildup to the heist. If anything it felt like more of an afterthought. I get that it’s more of a crime drama but for the heist to feel so irrelevant didn’t sit right with me. The ending is also a bit disappointing. Doesn’t really tie much up, just kind of stops and not in the good way. There’s some subtle relevant commentary in this film which was interesting. Overall, I think it’s a well made film with good acting, somewhat weak characters but a plot that keeps you watching even if it doesn’t always fully deliver.

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