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  • Godzilla: The Euro-Trash Version

    Godzilla: The Euro-Trash Version

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    Even though this is a "Colorized" version of the 1956 film Godzilla King of the Monsters! Everything about it is just awful. The excessive use of stock footage, the slowed down footage, EVERYTHING. I can't even believe that Luigi Cozzi put real World War 2 footage, *spoilers* he even put a person burning alive..... BURNING ALIVE, WHAT!?. One thing i dont get is (like i said previously) the use the slowed down footage. It's mainly where Godzilla breathes his atomic…

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    It's been a long time since i watched this film. But re watching it made me realize how great this movie is. Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange are amazing in this, the Kong suit is great, the effects are awesome, and the soundtrack is fucking godly *probably because it was composed by the great John Barry). One thing that stood out to me is that they changed up the story a bit. Instead of the Empire state building (Just like…