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  • The Two Jakes

    The Two Jakes


    There was a kind of stink in the air, a wafting bubble of forgotten sequel that tainted the city like an unwanted lover. I was just finishing my fiftieth cigarette of the hour when I remembered this movie existed. The past can't always be left alone, I thought. I had to scratch through, figure out why no one talks about this movie. Then it hit me. I was driving and listening to my favorite Kidz Bop CD when I realized…

  • The King's Speech

    The King's Speech


    .....Th-.....Th-The King's.... S-speech is .....*swallows*..... a bloody well done film.

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  • Naked Lunch

    Naked Lunch


    Roger Elbert’s Lost Review

    I shall never understand the need for violence and despicable, utterly despicable FILTH in the medium of Filmè, a medium which should remain pure, not muddled up with a nonsensical plot about a cockroach-typewriter (or, I suppose one of higher refinement, such as myself, would say a typewriter-cockroach) telling the dreadful main character (who really must speak up, I had to turn the volume on my GameBoy Advance all the way up even to make out…

  • One-Eyed Jacks

    One-Eyed Jacks


    Marlon Brando: *mumbles*

    Yeah I’m thinkin’ based, and I’m thinkin’ redpilled.