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  • Memoria


    among joe's films that i've seen prior, i felt i was "most awake" during memoria. since its production, i was curious to see how joe would direct foreign (white) bodies. what would he tell beyond his homeland? here we are once again pulled into the filmmaker's past obsessions--of (forgotten) histories, dreams permeating the present, ephimeral creatures in limbo, and even the soundscape of a jungle.

    jessica wakes up with a loud bang in her head. a cooler for the orchids.…

  • Eternals


    felt like zhao was second-guessing herself 😬 soulless sequences jammed together for a -B cosmic third act, which to be fair is a problem for the cbm genre. the bland script doesn't help either. perhaps the oscar-winning director is misplaced in this universe.

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  • Fan Girl

    Fan Girl

    paulo's line "you're just a fan," basically sums up how jane's character is written. she's just a fan and the idol of her dreams is just as fucked up as everyone else. i think the film works best as merely a portrayal of blind fanaticism. an exploration? i don't think so.

    the film fails to touch on the whys. i know this maybe asking too much from the film but if you're going to criticize fan culture, might as well…

  • Souvenir


    Can... can I be friends with Nawapol?