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  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon


    It's said that Ozu was in the middle of creating a final film before "An Autumn Afternoon;" it was to deal with his signature topic of tradition and modernity, parents and children, and marriage. The daughter was, you guessed it, to be married and, at the will of her father, had the ability to live her life as a newlywed. But, unlike the other Ozu films dealing with this topic, the father was to have cancer. In an ironic twist,…

  • Ronin



    Frankenheimer's films have a sort of energy that's almost indescribable: a paranoia- fueled, no nonsense, insane, and hyperactive beast that absorbs and destroys everything in its path. Strip every bit of digestible meat off of the bone of the action genre, tinker around with Frankenheimer's usual flair for uncertainty and the unknown, and you've got "Ronin:" the penultimate feature from one of the greats and one of the classic action flicks of the 90's.

    Ignore the narrative as a fault…

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  • Chinatown




    A glorious, dazzling film. A love letter to Noir as Sergio Leone's famous (and best) film Once Upon a Time in the West was for the Western genre.

    Perhaps the best script ever written (biased of course) with perhaps the greatest (or one of them) actors to ever grace the art of filmmaking. Roman Polanski's Magnum Opus and Jack Nicholson's best performance he's ever done, perhaps his best, as he plays…

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.


    Typically, the first thing that people think of when Los Angeles is brought up is the energy, the possibilities for people to make it into their craft, the hopefulness and eagerness the youth has, and other adjectives; they think of the films that lend their landscape to the iconic city - whether you think of Mia and Seb dancing in the moonlight or Jake Gittes getting his nose slashed is completely up to you. But what William Friedkin poses with…