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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    A fun, zany and lean watch. I gotta stop calling Samara Weaving, Not Margot Robbie, because she was great in this, super likable and nice comic timing. The rest of the cast is pretty entertaining.  The only weak actor was a child actor who’s not in it long.There was some really nice production design. I’m not gonna use the whole “ The mansion was a character” cliche but it was definitely a highlight in this. There were creative and fun…

  • Silence



    This is heavy. I am not a religious person, but have gone to religious schools and have been exposed to Plenty of religious films, including being shown Gods Not Dead in Boarding School.  I can’t stop thinking about this. Besides how technically marvelous and unflinchingly performed this film is. I really appreciate the complexity and fascinating way in which this deconstructs classic religious films. It is brutal and honest about the journey of the main character and his faith being…

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  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch

    The cinematic equivalent to a 13 year old gamer who shops at Hot topic’s fever dream. But with pseudo Inception or Paprika concept.

  • Aladdin


    “I.... am a GENIE! A GOOD GENIE NOT... A MEANY”
    Smh 30 years and Disney still can’t touch this