Apocalypse Now ★★★

So technically I watched Apocolypse Now Redux which includes 50 minutes of additional footage. The extra scenes makes the film over three hours long and it just felt unnecessarily long. The additional scenes were my least favourite part of the film, really dragging and not adding anything to the story. Another problem I had with everything in the film was hearing/understanding, everyone. The sound balance was really off and the background noise completely drowns out what people are saying. This also isn't helped by the fact that no one really annunciates so everyone comes across very garbled. I think visually the film is brilliant and a haunting depiction of the Vietnam war and humanity. To be fair I think my lower rating of the films is Because I am not a big fan of war films. While I did like the premise and setting, it was just not a world I enjoyed exploring. Overall I can see why people love Apocolypse Now, while I certainly respect the film, I did not particularly enjoy watching it.