A Fantastic Fear of Everything

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

I've been on Letterboxd about 10 years now. Although I don't add tons of stuff to my watchlist, A Fantastic Fear of Everything was my second entry from so long ago. My early LB friends liked it, but didn't love it, particularly saying it unravelled in the last act.

Lise was in a TV watching mood, and I thought I might give it a try. I love some, but not all, Pegg, and I love love love the absurd. Maybe my friends were too critical, maybe this might be a new gem.


Pegg is being Pegg, but I put this squarely on director Crispian Mills. Not only is it completely unfunny, but his treatment of what is depicted as debilitating mental health issues as something for larfs is just unconciousable. I'm not saying that you can't do a comedy with a character that has some issues, there are many examples, but this is just cruel. Add in some misogynistic and racist pieces and this completes the package.

I was trying to finish it, I really was, but when I just couldn't take it anymore, and figured it was about to end, I paused it, only to find out there were still 20 minutes left. I had read some reviews from friends who watched it 10 years ago ... everyone said the last act was the worst. Sorry, life's too short.

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